Services I can provide

I’ve worked with groups in a variety of capacities, from outside provocateur to embedded team member, depending upon the project and the objectives. Here are some (though by no means all) of the ways I can help your organization.

♦ Help design dynamic new conferences—or breathe new life into existing ones—by identifying and building upon your organization’s core purpose.

♦ Work with your conference staff on enhancing all aspects of your events—from the conceptual planning of themes and content; to the strategic planning of venues, program formats and learning environments; to the operational execution of details (large and small) that yield remarkable experiences for attendees.

♦ Create engagement strategies—through in-person meetings and year-round communities—that draw people to your organization, instill in them a deeper sense of connection and loyalty, and make them more likely to evangelize others on your behalf.

♦ Serve as a guest speaker who provokes, inspires and equips your staff and/or leadership to embrace new approaches to conference design—helping you overcome resistance to change by painting, and igniting a desire for, a better future.

♦ Create and facilitate a mini-TED-like experience designed to stimulate new ideas and richer thinking for your team.

♦ Help you build coalitions and partnerships with organizations outside of your traditional sphere by aligning with shared human values.

♦ Help growing businesses stake a claim in a particular field of expertise by staging rich, memorable conferences for select, targeted audiences.

♦ For organizations that have limited or no conference staff, I can provide turnkey operation of all aspects of conference design, from initial planning through onsite execution.

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